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Picnic - It’s worth it

After the drama of high school ends, life becomes rather streamlined and frankly, a little more fun. People say that you should cherish your high school times because they are the best ones you’ll have. I say to them, “bullshit”. It’s all in the time after high school. Speaking from experience, I feel that we learn so much useless stuff in high school that no one gives two fucks about. There is absolutely no point in studying “what is knowledge”. The fellow IB students will know that I am talking about TOK class.

Today, I went to Yoyogi Park in west Tokyo near the all-popular Harajuku station. It was a farewell picnic for a classmate. I had my camera and felt very inspired. Also I recently bought an 80,000 yen lens that I wanted to use. All the juiciness that would come out of it!

The excitement was short-lived when I discovered that the camera had run out of batteries. So here’s a lesson. Always charge your batteries.

So instead of fidgeting with focus and changing my composition, I took part in ultimate-ish Frisbee and soccer. I suppose it was a blessing in disguise. I loved the physical workout and the sweat in the summer. It was rejuvenating. The legs hurt and my feet feel like a million tractors just treaded on them but I feel really good! Everyone should try it at least once.

So my advice for the day:

Go have a picnic!

Flash that assh! Peace!

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